Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wicked! UK Police Seize Day-Old Baby from Nigerian Parents

Picture of the new Baby and the family before the crises.

What will you do if you have just been delivered of a baby and, before you could even think of informing family and friends to come celebrate with you, some policemen storm your bedside and seize the new baby for one stupid reason? Well, the predictable action is that you'll fight back with all you've got.
This is exactly what two Nigerians - Mrs. Gloria Musa (from Abia State) and her husband, Mr. Musa (from Adamawa State) - are currently passing through in the United Kingdom after nine hefty-looking policemen invaded...
Norwich Park Hospital and took away their new baby few hours after coming into the world.
The newly born baby’s seizure in hospital took place on June 12, 2010. But three months earlier, on April 8, 2010, the same policemen - acting at the behest of the Haringey Social Service - had also seized all five children of the Musas, claiming that 'Mrs. Musa was a sex worker'. More worrisome is that fact that more than one year after, the six seized children are still in the custody of the same Haringey Social Service, while every efforts by their parents to secure their release has failed.
Investigations revealed that the social service secretly obtains interim care order (ICO) every month from the court to validate its illegal action since the evidence they are peddling against the Musas is untenable. As a result, the action is generating ripples both in Nigeria where the couple hails from and the UK.
The matter was recently brought before Nigeria's House of Reps by Hon. Abike Dabiri, and the Federal Government was urged to send a message to the British Government and ensure the Musas are immediately reunited with their kids until evidence show any wrongdoings on their part. In fact, it was revealed that paternity tests conducted on all the children in the UK showed they belonged to the couple. One wonders why Nigerians are not seriously condemning this injustice!
Recalling her experience when nine policemen surrounded her and seized her baby in the hospital, Mrs. Musa said: "My joy of safe delivery was cut short; as i was physically manhandled, emotionally battered, and psychologically traumatised by the ill-treatment from the British police
"While recuperating from the pains of labour, I was awakened by the unwelcomed guests whom I would never forget in a hurry - Nine hefty looking police personnel. Naturally, I, like every other woman, would prefer being killed to letting it (baby) go easily, hence, I held on and closely to my baby (but) the Haringey police station applied every force at their disposal, unleashing terror on my helpless self and bruised me all over until they over powered me and took my baby.
"My request for their reasons and the authority empowering them to dispossess me of my new born baby was denied, rebuffed, and rejected with brazen arrogance... My family has done practically nothing to deserve this painful and unwarranted suppression."
Mrs. Musa is pleading with the government of her country, Nigeria, to intervene on her behalf and ensure the matter is investigated thoroughly so that her children could return to her in good health and in good time.
Fellow Nigerians this is another case of intimidation against one of our own. We should not just read this and leave the family to its plight. We must all condemn this clear case of man's inhumanity to man! It could happen to anybody.

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