Wednesday, July 11, 2012

UNBELIEVABLE! "Married Nollywood Actresses Sleep Around Like Dogs"

If they can do stuffs like this in movies, who knows what they would do in secret places?
There is fire on the mountain in Nollywood but nobody seems to be running. Controversial actress, Shan George has dropped a bomb that has brought to the fore what many have been discussing in secret for a long time.

In a recent chat, Olufamous.com gathered that Shan George stated point blank that majority of her female colleagues, especially the married ones, are nothing but cheap dogs who abandon their husbands' at home to have sex with top politicians and businessmen for financial rewards.

"Most married actresses in the industry sleep around like dogs and nobody is talking about it. These are people who have been lured to bed with whiff of money by top politicians and bizmen. These same people will be claiming to be happily married, feign love to their husbands," she stressed.

Olufamous.com observed that Shan George's revelation have been attracting reactions from some actresses. Although it is common knowledge in Lagos and Abuja that some actresses are indeed neck-deep in this show of shame, but no one has been bold enough to raise up the issue until now.

However, some actresses have accused Shan of being one of them for her to know that such is going on. They say she's bitter because all her four marriages could not stand the test of time, and more frustrated over the fact that she doesn't have any man to call a husband at moment.

But Shan has insisted that she's saying the truth and also cleared the air about are past marriages, saying "I have never being caught by any of my ex husbands sleeping around. In fact, I am a one-man, one-woman person."

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