Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pastor Rapes 11yrs Old Girl Brought To Him For Deliverance

The pastor of one of the popular Pentecostal churches in Onitsha, Anambra State, is being detained at the Central Police Station (CPS) in Onitsha for allegedly raping an 11-year-old girl. He was arrested last weekend when the girl’s mother discovered that she was bleeding from her private part, a few days after she spent three days in the pastor's house for prayers over her alleged demonic possession.

Problem started when the mother of the girl, Mrs. Chioma Onyeji, who leaves in Asaba, Delta State capital, attended the pastor’s programme at Onitsha with her daughter at the prompting of her neighbor.

The pastor, whose church is situated at Tasia Road, Inland Town, Onitsha, was said to have told Mrs. Onyeji that her daughter (name withheld) would die in the next five days if she went back home with her.
The pastor was said to have told the woman that her daughter was possessed with evil spirit and prescribed prayer and fasting for Mrs Onyeji. But she said she can't do it on the ground that she was pregnant.

The pastor consequently insisted that the girl should stay back with him.

After some days, Mrs. Onyeji came back to pick her daughter, but the pastor refused to release her. After much pressure, the girl was brought out by the pastor and handed over to her mother, bleeding from her private part.

Upon investigation, the girl told her mother that the pastor raped her three times after spreading white cloth on the ground. The woman reported the matter to the police who immediately arrested the pastor.

According to a police source, the pastor had confessed that he indeed had sex with the girl but he claimed he only did it once and not thrice as she alleged.

Mrs. Onyeji has, however, raised the alarm that some members of the society planned to compromise police investigation into the matter. Olufamous.com also gathered from sources that the woman is being offered about N100,000 to withdraw the matter from the police before it is taken to the court.

But Mr. Emma Ewuzie of the Human Rights Volunteer Corp has indicated interest in the case and has vowed to follow it to its logical conclusion.

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