Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mother Dumps Baby in Pit, Claims Ignorance

 The 20 years old mother, Odunayo Bamisaye, who threw her day-old baby in a pit in Ekiti State recently has claimed ignorance of the incident, saying she was not herself. She argued that if at all it was true, then it could be because there was no one to help her during the delivery.

Here is are own side of the story:
That day, I went to the stream to fetch water around 7: 00 p.m., while on my way going, I started to labour and I looked around for help but there was no one around to help me. While I was still in pain, I saw that the baby came out of my body. After the baby came out, it did not cry nor did it shake its body. I thought it was dead. I then decided to throw the baby into the pit close to where I had it with the umbilical cord”. 

However, her mother and neighbours held contrary views, they said that was not the first time the young mother had done such a thing. They pointed out that she did same when she was in school a couple of years back... Anyway, the baby was rescued alive and the father said he believes the baby will be great tomorrow.

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