Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I have always had killer hips’ – Toolz

Toolz at the Music Meets Runway fashion show, 2011
Popular Beat FM O.A.P, Tolu Oniru, popularly called Toolz, has spoken about her figure, which is often a hot topic whenever she’s seen out and about.
In a recent interview with Spice magazine, the Business and Communications graduate said she got her physique from her mother, but wasn’t always comfortable with her shape.

‘My body is very womanly. My mom has this figure so I got it from her. I work out and tend to lose weight on my upper body. I have always had killer hips and when I was growing up, I did my best to hide them. Back then, the vogue was to be slim with no curves. When I was in the UK, and everyone was going skimpy during summer, I would hide my curves in baggy T-shirts’, she said.
She also spoke about how she dumped Medicine, her initial career choice, for Entertainment, and how her parents received the news.
When asked how she the name ‘Toolz’ came about, she said she came up with it while trying to figure out with a funky version of her name as was the trend in the U.K at that time.
On marriage, Toolz says, ‘Rather than focus on that, my top priority is finding the right person. I am quite finicky and I am a romantic. Marriage is very important, but it’s until I find the right person and the right person finds me’.
The celebrated OAP says she’s currently working on TV projects which may keep her busy for now.

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