Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bride Collapses On Wedding Day Over Reception Food

The wedding of beautiful Miss Doris Longe and Ade Imasuen was greeted with heavy commotion when news filtered in that the taxi driver that was hired to transport the food and other refreshments to the reception venue has escaped with the tasty meals.

The excitement at the reception venue, a popular hotel in G.R.A Benin City turned dimmed immediately, but that was not the end of the commotion.

It was gathered that the said taxi driver was...
stopped around King’s Square area of Benin City to transport the food and other entertainment items from the bride mother’s house in G.R.A to the reception venue, which include giant coolers of well prepared fried/jollof rice, fried meat, moi-moi, pounded yam with egusi and ogbonor soup as well as breakable plates.

The driver who claimed to know the venue of the reception in G.R.A, was told to go unaccompanied to quickly drop the items and return to pick the remaining things while they get themselves ready for the reception.

But after awaiting for the taxi driver for almost two hours and he did not show up; it dawned on those in charge that the worst may have happened. So they had to embark on searching for the taxi driver which proved abortive.

It was gathered that serious efforts were made by both families of the couple to conceal the news from the couple, but the bride, Doris Longe, collapsed on hearing the life time embarrassing news that a taxi driver has absconded with her wedding reception food.
It took the combined efforts of all present to revived her, after which the event continued in a low spirit. Not even the comedic moves adopted by the MC to restore smiles to the faces of the disappointed couple and their family members.

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